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Handling chemicals safety DVD production

Safe Use when Handling Chemicals DVD production example...

Working with chemicals DVD production example - background to project...

When it comes to handling chemicals safely, this handling chemicals DVD production outlines the safe use of handling chemicals on Southern Water sites, which is essential to ensure individual safety as well as the safety of the general public.

A wide range of operational scenarios were identified and captured to demonstrate best practise within this area of the business.

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Handling chemicals health & safety video production example...

Handling chemicals safety DVD production example - background to project...

A clear message of this handling chemicals safety video production features workers who have to handle chlorine within Thames Water everyday.

The potential dangers of handling chemicals, particularly at the crucial point of changing a chlorine cylinder are obvious.

The company safe system of work was captured in this step-by-step detailed production which was used as part of their training programme aimed at their operational sites in Pakistan and India.

Chlorine gas leak safety procedures DVD production example...

Chlorine leak response safety DVD production - background to project...

A chlorine leak response safety training DVD was commissioned by the safety team at Southern Water in Sept due to a recent chemical leak response training exercise which found inconsistencies in containment procedures.

The chlorine safety training DVD will be used by safety advisers as a key part of their updated hazardous chemicals safety training, and the safety DVD was filmed on Dec 5th & 6th at three key Southern Water chemical store sites. 

The Sulphur dioxide and Chlorine leak response and containment safety training DVD outlines the appropriate safety procedures to be followed during various chemical leak scenarios.                                                  

The safety DVD includes correct entry procedures into a Gas store and Dosing area under various chemical leak conditions, plus the right chemical PPE required to be worn depending upon the severity of the chemical gas leak.                                                                                 

Best safety practise is shown for handling and containing chemical leaks and includes factors like the value of a third person in the chemical leak response team tasked with helping to dress other members of the team into gas tight suits and CABA breathing apparatus sets.

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